Hammock Wall Organizer

Hammock Wall Organizer

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Keeping your keys, wallet and other accessories neatly organized and accessible can be a challenge. Introducing HAMMOCK WALL ORGANIZER from Umbra. This wall-mounted organizer is ideal for an entryway or kitchen spaces as it has integrated storage for jackets, bags, and small accessories. The HAMMOCK WALL ORGANIZER features 5 storage hooks for items to be hung and a suede microfiber pocket for smaller items such as keys, phones, wallets, mail and more. Its microfiber suede pocket helps protect and keep items clean, while its hooks each hold up to 3 lbs. Designed for small space living, this organizer takes advantage of unused wall space to create a designated spot for items to be neatly stored

Holds up to 3 lbs.

Weight:1.00 lbs.

Width:7 (in) / Height:3 (in) / Depth:16 (in)