Exercise Equipment Storage
Storage Cart

Storage Cart

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   Made in USA         Yes
   Length                   47″
   Width                     31″
   Height                    45"
   Tube Size              3"x 3"
   Wheels                   Yes
   Material                11 Gauge American Steel
   Finish                     Black Texture Powder Coat

The Sorinex Storage Cart is built with lockable heavy-duty wheels, bolt-on storage hooks, and a Sorinex branded top tray for miscellaneous items. Built with the same industry-leading 3"x 3" 4-way hole design as our Base Camp and XL Series racks and rigs, the Sorinex Storage Cart can accept most rack and storage attachments. The Storage Cart can be customized to specific storage options, unique solutions or branded to your school's colors and logos. Order the Grip Storage Cart option and get a storage cart already packed with all the tools you need for developing grip strength and the ideal unit to store them.

Storage Cart Includes
Storage Cart with wheels (1)

Grip Storage Cart Includes
Storage cart w/ wheels
4" pinch block x 4
3" pinch block x 4
2" pinch block x 4
Set of GHP grippers from 1-10 x 2 (20 total)
Loading pin x 4
3" hand grenade x 4
4" hand grenade x 4
Utlimate straps x 8
Oval straight gate carabiners x 8
2" fat rotating handle x 4
2" fat vertical handle x 4