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1. Home Theatre Seating – Power Recliners
Place your favorite snack or beverage on the tray tables and stow away in the in-arm storage when not needed. Top grain leather is, quite simply, the very finest leather you can pick for your home theatre seat. This exclusive, luxury material is painstakingly hand-picked from the top 30% of all cowhides, chosen for premium look and texture.
I love watching movies, either on DVD or Netflix. And after a binge-watching session this last weekend, I found watching movies much more immersive–especially with the SoundShaker. Feeling like the room is alive with the reactions of what happens on-screen really draws you into the experience. Interestingly, the SoundShaker did not seem to affect the couch next to my seat. I also do a lot of gaming. This is a serious upgrade from my old gaming chair! Sale Seatcraft Equinox Home Theater Seating Power... Check latest price Pros Perfect family room theatre seating. These theatre seats are well-made, attractive, and comfortable. Now that we have been using for over a month, I can say we made the right choice. Would purchase again, highly recommend. It is also amazingly comfortable. The couch has cool blue lighting that gives you the feel of being in a modernistic movie theatre. We typically use the lighting when we take a break from watching a movie with all of the lights off. It’s easier to hit the button on the couch and be able to navigate without tripping on a cat, dog, or a coffee table. Cons The problem is that it making horrible noise when we recline it or return it to its upright position. It also is not big enough for taller people. Our legs are hanging off the end with they are reclined. My butt sinks very softly into the leather seating. And aside from being able to recline, the lumbar support means my lower back doesn’t feel the “gap” behind it I feel in most seats and chairs. I adjust the lumbar where I want it, and I can save its position to memory! The same applies to the headrest. I can easily feel more “upright” while fuly reclined, or completely laid back for a movie nap!

2. Seatcraft Diamante – Home Theatre Seating
The Seatcraft Diamante home theatre seat is the extravagant piece for the Signature series. This home theatre seat offers an exciting art-deco inspired design that will instantly add class to any theatre setup. This chair features sharp rectangular lines for an eye-popping ambiance. Its deluxe leather 7000 material is picked from the top third of all hides and then buffed to a smooth perfection. Adjustable power headrests allow you to find the perfect positions for the head and neck at the press of a button, or change positions at will, reducing fatigue and allowing you to stay focused for hours.
Seatcraft Diamante - Home Theater Seating - Power... Check latest price Pros The powered headrests can adjust to a number of different positions at the push of a button, reducing neck and shoulder strain. Removable swivel tray table with a polished finish. Place snacks, drinks and even electronic devices within arm’s reach.The cupholders emit a gentle azure glow that allows you to find your beverages easily in the dark and can be turned on and off easily with the push of a button.Ambient base lighting under the seat provides a discreet means for guests to find their way in a darkened room. Plus it looks cool! Cons Only for one person

3. Seatcraft Capital Home Theatre Seating
Seatcraft introduces the Capital line of Sofas and Loveseats, offering you clarity, comfort, and clean-cut luxury embodied in furniture form. Performance Fabric upholstery lines this chair to make these furniture centerpieces an investment that pays off year after year of enjoyed use, and wows from your guests as they seep into deep comfort and surprises of luxury at every turn.
Seatcraft 4801 Capital Home Theater Seating... Check latest price Pros This sofa looks great. It is a regular couch, but the center seat folds down, headrest flips up and it allows media seating. It has several USB ports, electrical outlet, lights and 2 cup holders. The seats are comfortable, not too soft. We love the color, it is a light gray, with slight hint of beige. It is a nice neutral color that should blend well with various decors. Best couch I have ever sat on lol Great for my gameroom. Cons You will need to consider your power source, unless you have a floor outlet you may need to locate it near a wall or have some way to hide the power source. There are six electrical plugs to power this chair. 4 Chair motors, a center console plug and a plug for the head rest lights. It’s not a concern if you can hide them under a rug or route the wiring out of site you’ll be fine.

4. Homall Gaming Recliner Chair
If you are looking for an attractive recliner to go in your living room, bedroom, gaming room or even your recreational area this is the one for you! Designed by a professional design team. This recliner keeps the same function with the base version and increase its aesthetic feeling and e-sports style.
Homall Gaming Recliner Chair Single Living Room... Check latest price Pros First of i would like to say that this chair is a great quality chair the only downside on my opinion is that it was to small for me, but overall is a excellent product.Easy to assemble. Comfortable. Appears to be durable. Hardware and tool included.The assembly is incredibly easy, it took me all of 10 minutes to be sitting in it, and that’s starting time from the moment I began opening the box.Purchased this for my husbands game room and he loves it! It was pretty simple to put together and arrived very quickly. It has pockets on the sides for either tv remotes or magazines. Cons The lumbar support is the biggest issue, it is NOT adjustable or removable and in the sitting position it pushes you forward (not located in lower back, it is all the way at the bottom of the back at the seat cushion level) the chair is uncomfortable because of thisThe comfort of the chair isn’t great, I had to put a pillow in the middle of the back rest, it’s just sunk in too far. So far it seems like it will hold, but there is a little wobble to the arm rests.Directions don’t tell you that hardware on side of chair has to be attached with the arrow facing down.

5. Reclining Sofa Home Theatre Seating
You have no idea what to expect except that the Home Theatre Seating “looks comfy.”This reclining sofa is heavenly.The two end seats of the Power Sofa cup you in a cloud. And the center seat is extremely comfortable.
Reclining Sofa Home Theater Seating Power Sofa... Check latest price Pros Very comfortable sitting position. Firm. Head rest esily adjusts to exactly the right position. Center arm rest could be a bit lower to match the hight of the outside armrests. Outside armrest storage boxes feel cheap like an after thought. Assembly was very straightforward. A bit of a challenge to hook the chairs together but doable. Comfortably seats three adults and both end recline with very little space away from the wall. This is a very nice couch for the money, very relaxing to lie down on it. Cons The seat cushion is little bit smaller than what I expected.Made for short peopleThe smallest sofa I have ever seen. Do not buy unless you are under 5ft tall.

6. Home Theater Seating Reclining Power Sofa Home Theater Seating Reclining Power Sofa Theater... Check latest price
This Home Theater Seating is Perfect For Great For Watching TV, Sleeping, Reading Or Simply Relaxing.Upgrade your next movie night with the ultimate sofa for home entertainment.
Pros The home theater seating can be adjust to any position that make you feel comfortable. Unlike many reclining sofa of this style, this power sofa is extremely comfy to lay across. This reclining sofa is heavenly. The seats of the Power Sofa cup you in a cloud. The seat are comfortable and work good. Cons However the seat backs do need room to fully recline so you need to leave at least 10″ between the recliners and the wall.

7. Electric Power Recliner Chair for Living Room
ANJ HOME is a company specializing in living-room furniture. It researches, develops, manufactures and sells upholstered furniture with the aim to build a comfortable and environmental. ANJ HOME devotes to provide high quality sofa enjoyment for millions of families in the world by its simplified American style design. We believe that design can always better your life.
ANJ Electric Power Recliner Chair for Living Room,... Check latest price Pros Luxury leather is easy to clean There is a USB Charging Port for most convenience Overstuffed pillow and cushion provide most comfort for head, neck, back and lumbar Infinitely reclines gently and smoothly by simple press two buttons. The recliner is very attractive. I have an adult child with special needs and it’s sturdy enough for her! We have gone through many chairs! Cons The headrest is not adjustable. I wished that the chair is bigger and recline more

8. Seating Power Recline with in-Arm Storage
I want to start out by saying I absolutely love these couches. The Seatcraft Signature Serenity home theatre chair will transport you to a calm oasis of plush comfort. The Serenity is built using top-grain leather, which is prized for its supple textures and lustrous appearance; this material has an unmistakable ambiance that with simple maintenance, will only improve with age. The design of this home theatre chair features a casual contemporary look, with clean lines and bolstered seat backs that feature padded headrests. Chaise lounger seating allows one to stretch out with ease, with a firm buttress of support that eliminates the traditional gap between the seat and footrest for head-to-toe relaxation. You will melt in these couches without fail. So please stop wasting time and just order them now, you will be able to justify every single penny you spend on these.
Seatcraft Serenity Leather Home Theater Seating... Check latest price Pros They are made extremely well in my opinion, the leather is beautiful and tough so they seem to be able to withstand the test of time. On top of being made tough and by tough i mean they do not feel flimsy at all they are solid but they are also so damn comfortable you do not want to get up once you sit down. They dont make any noise reclining unless you put each seat tight next to eachother. They are very comfortable, easy to use and look fantastic. I was hesitant to buy them on line without trying them out but it was a great decision. Cons These couches came with trays that slide in next to the arm rests and are so useful. I have been using mine non stop either to hold my food or remotes or anything i can think of that i would want while watching tv. 9. Seatcraft Dynasty Home Theater Seating Bonded Leather Power Recline
The quality of the stitching and bonded leather in good. The recline option is whisper quiet and fairly quick. Seats are extremely comfortable. The recline buttons are touch sensitive, so sometimes is tricky (sometime it hesitates, sometimes your arm hits and it starts by accident). The blue lights around the cup holder add a little touch of light in a dark room. Sometimes it maybe a little distracting when watching a movie, but not a nuisance at all. Once you get over that you”ll love them.
Seatcraft Dynasty Home Theater Seating Bonded... Check latest price Pros These are great seats. Very comfortable. Nice leather. I really like the quality for the price. Can watch movies all day in them. Having the love seat in the middle is great. Super comfortable and the power recliners work perfect. Easy assembly by just putting the backs onto the base. Cons They are a bit heavy ( which is good somehow)



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