10 Best RV Portable Waste Tank Reviews to Buy in 2020


If you are one who loves the outdoors or do a lot of camping or stay extended periods of time in campsites without proper sewer connections, then the RV Portable Waste Tank is the ideal solution for you. It will allow you to dump your grey and black holding tanks without having to go to the nearest dumping station.


Portable black water tanks are available in 2 versions namely the 2 wheel and the 4 wheel tanks. The 2 wheel portable tank tanks are equipped with the wheels in the back.


These tanks are very heavy, so it provides you with the opportunity to lift and support it when it is full of wastewater. You can empty this tank while it is standing upright. The 4 wheels portable tank, on the other hand, is much less of a hassle to move because it rolls along without you having to hold it up, and saves you a lot of strain on the back. When you are dumping, you can leave your tank level and it will easily dump without any extra effort.


What’s the difference between the 2? The 2 wheel tanks are cheaper, but they difficult to drag across a surface that isn’t smooth. The 4 wheels black water tank is more expensive but is of higher quality. It will also spare you all the back pain for years to come.

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Here is a list of some of the best portable black water tanks on the market today:
1. Barker 42 Gallon Tote Tank


The Barker 42 Gallon Tote Tank is one of the best rolling tote tanks on the market. It is designed with a rather convenient 3-inch waste valve that makes it much easier to use and far more dependable. If you wish to empty the tank, all you have to do is open the valve. The 42 Gallon capacity tank would be the best option for long road trips.

It is constructed of zinc-plated steel, aluminum and blow-molded polyethylene making it quite durable and very easy to clean. Some hazardous materials are used in the construction of this tank, so it would be best and rather important that you keep it out of the reach of small children.

The Barker Tote Tank came out with plastic wheels but was recently upgraded with air-filled rubber wheels making it more durable, easier to maneuver over rocky and uneven surfaces. This tank does not have the problem of leaking or spillage, so you would not have to worry about that problem.

Easy to use and maneuver in different terrains Can last for a long time Made from materials that are easy to clean Can roll and tow nicely behind the trailer Constructed of blow-molded polyethylene, zinc plated steel and aluminum Double wheel, front-swivel design for easy pulling and maneuvering 47 pounds empty 1-year warranty
In a small percentage of the products, the axle seems to have a defect. The product can expose you to chemicals including TDI
2. Camco Rhino Heavy Duty Portable Waste Tank


This Camco Rhino Heavy-duty Portable Waste Tank remains one of the highest-rated portable waste tanks on the market today. It comes with a low drain hole that makes getting the tank empty when it is full almost effortless.

It is also designed with heavy-duty wheels that make it easy to get around on all different kinds of terrains. This portable waste tank is constructed from durable blow-molded and UV stabilized HDPE material. It is designed to be tough on both the inside and outside. Therefore you don’t have to worry about deterioration or leaks even after long periods of exposure to the sun.

The inside of the tank is smooth, therefore it does not trap bad stinky smells. It is easy to clean, and it comes with an integrated tank rinser to help you with the cleaning and the removal of the smell. The liquid and the solid waste easily slide to the bottom of the tank, making it possible to empty the tank quickly.

Made from durable materials, which are not prone to leakage Easy to use and maneuver Cleaning can be done quickly and easily Comes with a comprehensive kit Available in multiple sizes Heavy-duty 2-year warranty
Sewer hose is short for comfort Very heavy when full 3. Barker 32 Gallon Tote Tank


With regards to the RV waste tank, Baker is one of the most trusted manufacturers. This one only has a 32 Gallon capacity, therefore, it does not hold as much waste as the 42 Gallon and you will have to make more frequent trips to the waste dumping station. That is why this model would suit you better for those short 2 to 3-day trips. A benefit is that it is smaller and more compact and takes up less space.

This Tote Tank is constructed from zinc-plated steel, aluminum and blow-molded polyethylene just like all the other Baker tank products. It has wheels in both the front and the back, making it very easy to pull or drag anywhere and over all kinds of terrains. It has a 5-foot sewer hose and is also equipped with a solid tow handle.

Reports have shown that this tote tank can function nearly exactly the same as most of the other Baker products. The sewer hose is not made of the same material as the tank, and may not last as long, but you are free to replace it with a hose of your choice.

Can drain your tank without any problems Easy to move and tow with a trailer Not easily worn off Does not take much space in the RV 1-year warranty
Sewer hose does not seem like high quality The product can expose you to chemicals including TDI Read our Reviews on: The 8 Best Outdoor Garbage Cans
4. Tote-N-Stor Portable Waste Transport


The Tote-N-Store Portable Waste Transport may not look like much, but it is an extremely reliable RV septic tank. It is constructed of thick and solid HDPE plastic. It comes out fully assembled with a steel tow bracket and has quiet air-filled rubber wheels. There are a few reasons why this tank stands out from the rest.

The Tote-N-Store has an outstanding design. If you are the type of person who is always misplacing your things, then this is for you, because it comes with a storage compartment providing you with a single space to store all your accessories. The accessory kit includes a straight adaptor, 15-inch garden hose, hose clamp, 3-inch sewer hose, and a 3-inch cap.

This waste transport also has a wheel kit, enabling you to replace some of the parts if you should experience any problems with your rubber wheels. The Tote-N-Store only has 2 wheels, making it difficult to move over some surface terrains. If you don’t feel like pulling, it has a towing bracket that you can use to hook up to your vehicle and tow it to where you want it.

Good, durable design. Comes with a storage compartment for the accessory kit. It is heavy duty and can last for a long while. Completely assembled with steel tow bracket Easy to carry Rubber wheels Available in different sizes Very affordable
Short drain hose Check the tank and wheels immediately when you receive the package. It is not always wrapped safely. 5. Barker 30 Gallon Tote Tank


This Barker 30 Gallon Tote Tank is ideal for those weekend trips of 2-3 days. Although, if you should take it on longer trips, you will end up making more frequent trips from your RV to the waste dumping station, which takes up a lot of your time and energy.

Except for the size difference, this tank is the same as all of the other Barker Products. It is constructed from zinc-plated steel, aluminum, and blow-molded polyethylene. It comes fully assembled saving you time and you can start using it immediately.

This model has 2 air-filled rubber wheels, still making it easy to pull or tow to where you want it over various surface terrains. It also has a pull handle and flushing hose making it easy to empty the tank. If you want to reposition or lift the wheels, all you have to do is pull the handle. It helps to prevent you from putting extra strain on your back.

Convenient to bring on short trips Easy to pull or tow Comes with a pull handle and flushing hose Completely assembled, so it can be used immediately
The product can expose you to chemicals including TDI 6. Thetford SmartTote2 27 Gallon Waste Tank


There are a number of words you can use to describe the Thetford Smart Tote2 27 Gallon Waste Tank, like innovative, accessible, versatile, and convenient. The best feature of this design has to be the extendable handle. It is a rather small tank and can only hold a capacity of 27 gallons of waste. The upside to this is that you can easily store it when it is not in use.

It comes fully assembled, so you can use it directly after getting it out of its box. It is easy to fill the tank and tow it behind a trailer, but the best option would be to store it in the RV and then manually pull it to the waste dump station when it needs to be emptied.

This tank does not break easily, and the only downside would be making a lot of trips to the waste dumping station because it does not have a very large capacity.

Has an innovative design Can be stored when not in use Comes with a comprehensive manual Easy to fill and pull towards the dump station Completely assembled Rugged, rubber wheels 1-year Warranty
Wheels are very small, so don’t seem suitable for uneven surfaces.

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7. Tote-N-Stor 4 Wheeler Waste Transport


The Tote-N-Stor is the best wastewater storage that is the easiest to use and to get around. This is their promise as a manufacturer, and they do not disappoint. This model is constructed from plastic, so it bears the risk of cracking and corrosion. Trips to the waste dump station are a breeze due to the fact that it has 4 rubber wheels.

This model also has a low-profile design and has a storage compartment that holds the accessory kit that includes 2x garden hoses, hose adaptor, waste drain hose, clamps, and garden hose caps of various sizes. It also has a tow bracket.

The Tote-N-Stor 4 wheeler Waste Transport  handles itself pretty well, and because of its design, it makes it very easy to use. It has a capacity of 38 Gallons which makes it ideal for longer trips. It is rather durable and can last you for quite some time.

Comes with compartment storage Less susceptible to corrosion and cracking Has a stable and low-profile design Can be taken to long trips Quiet, rubber wheels Tow bracket No lifting needed to drain the tank 3-year manufacturer warranty
Some users complain the wheels are poor quality
8. Thetford SmartTote2 35 Gallon Waste Tank


Thetford Corp. has lived up to its name by becoming one of the leading manufacturers in mobile sanitation. This portable waste tank is compatible with almost any RV Motorhome. It is constructed from polyethylene and comes with features such as AutoStopTM gauge, retractable discharge hose, and universal bayonet.

This tank is easy to use. You can fill it quickly and it can be emptied just as fast. The fact that the discharge hose is attached to the tank, where it is kept in place with a rubber strap is an advantage and saves you time not having to detach and reconnect every time you use the tank or you have to empty it.

The AutoStopTM gauge is an innovative choice on behalf of the manufacturer. It works together with the 90˚ elbow nozzle improving the speed at which the tank is emptied.

Can work with any types of RV Quick to fill and empty Comes with a retractable hose Has impressive features including AutoStopTM gauge and 90-degree elbow nozzle 1-year warranty
Some users complain the wheels are poor quality 9. Thetford SmartTote2 12 Gallon Waste Tank


This tank does not come with a hose, so it would be safe to assume that it is meant for gray water. It is ideal if you are planning a 1 or 2-day trip. If you are planning to use it for black water waste, you can get your own hose to connect to the tank.

This tote tank is constructed from polypropylene. It is designed with 2 rubber wheels and a handle making it easy for you to pull to the waste dump station. It also has a tow strap that you can hook to a trailer.

This tank is small and does not come with many accessories. It does work and it is durable and tough and can withstand various undesirable terrains.

Functions well Durable enough to withstand undesirable terrain Comes with a tow strap Very affordable 1-year warranty
It does not include a hose! 10. Alpha Systems Holding Tank


You might think that the Alpha Systems holding tank is misplaced in this list. However, it has rightly gained its place here.

Being advertised as an RV waste holding tanks, it has a thickness that makes it highly durable. This tank can hold up to 33 gallons of waste. It is made from blow-molded HDPE and is built to meet the standards of the Canadian Standards Association and the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO).

This said you can trust in this waste tank’s reliability and functionality. I’ve been using it for a long time now, and it’s still in the best condition.

Meet CSA and IAPMO standards Thick and durable material Keeps the smell inside the tank Does the job 12-month warranty Canadian brand
It does not have wheels. Not a lot of information available on this product What to Look for When Buying an RV Portable Waste Tank
There is plenty to consider when buying a portable waste tank. You don’t want to inconvenience yourself by ending up with something that you can’t use. Before you buy one, consider the following:

Type of Tank
Most tanks can hold black water and gray water waste. Some can hold only one. Make sure that you get what you need before you pay for yours.

Materials Used
Portable waste tanks are made from different kinds of materials, mostly plastic, and polyethylene. Plastic doesn’t often crack or get corroded like what happens with metal tanks. Polyethylene, on the other hand, has a thickness that lasts and keeps the bad smells contained and from getting out.

Ease of Use
It is important that your tank doesn’t clog. Make sure that your tank has a flush valve that will automatically flush your waste out of the tank.

When buying a portable waste tank, this should be your first priority. The more wheels it has, the better and easier it would be for you to move it around. Rubber wheels would be the best bet.

Length of Your Trip
For a weekend trip of 2 to 3 days, the 30 Gallon tank would be ideal, but for a trip that would last you for more than 3 days, the 40 Gallon tank would be the best bet.

Check reviews to determine the durability of your tank, and if it’s worth what you are paying for it. You don’t want to be paying too much for a tank that won’t last you very long
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Barker vs. Thetford?
Both brands have high-quality products that are known for doing the job. There are two very divided camps in the Barker vs. Thetford discussion. Although both do a good job, the Barker portable waste tank seems like a far more popular choice with very good feedback. The Thetford tote tank is a bit cheaper though.
What is an RV portable waste tank?
There are two types of water that you want to dispose of while you are in traveling in an RV– gray water and black water. Gray water is wastewater from the shower, sink, etc. Meanwhile, black water is collected waste from the RV toilet. There are several ways to dispose of gray and black waters, but the most effective on is using an RV portable waste tank.

An RV portable holding tank collects both waste liquids and solids from the RV. You can easily attach it to your RV and fill it up until it’s almost full. If you don’t want the tank to stink, you can add tank treatment chemical. Because it is portable, you can tow it towards the dump station, where you’ll dispose of the waste.

This tank is in demand among people who frequently go on road trips because it’s convenient and easy to use.
What are the benefits of RV portable waste tank?
Admittedly, emptying a septic holding tank is not an appealing task. So why should you do it instead of camping in a place with public bathroom facilities?

For one, there are destinations that simply don’t have an established camp. You can’t simply dump your waste in random areas. There’s also the chance that you have to go to the bathroom even when you are still far away from the camp. In both cases, an RV holding tank becomes handy.

Here are three benefits of a portable waste tank:

Convenient: Imagine waiting in line the sewer trap even if you really have to go to the bathroom already! The wait can be excruciating. However, you can avoid it if you have a holding tank with you. Yes, emptying its contents, later on, can take time, but you can at least do it at a time of your choice. Nature’s call, on the other hand, is not always in your control.

Environmentally-Friendly: There is a considerable amount of water that you can save as you learn to limit the amount of water you use according to the size of your waste tote. Also, it’s easier for you to measure water used if you do so by counting the trips you make to and fro the dump station. If you are to buy a waste tank, just make sure that it’s made from environmentally friendly materials.

Clean: Nobody likes a mess. You particularly have to be careful when you are camping with other people. Luckily, the waste tank can keep gray water and black water in a single location. As for the smell, you can control it by using a treatment chemical. Cleaning the tank comes easy as well. You have to empty the black tank before the gray tank so that you can use gray water to clean the first tank.

So you have a holding tank, why should you buy an RV tote tank? The primary reason for this is that bringing your RV to the dump station is not always convenient. Sometimes, the road gets too narrow. With a portable waste tank, you can easily navigate your way there. Here follow some commonly asked questions that you might have as well.
How to choose the right size waste tank?
When deciding the size of your portable waste tank, you must consider the length of your trip and your bowel health. How often do you have to go to the bathroom? How long will you be on the road trip? As much as possible, you have to buy a portable tank that will allow you to drain all the content of your gray and/or black tank into it.

If you want to be on the safe side, you can simply buy the biggest waste tank. However, this will add weight to your RV. Weigh in your options carefully.
How to use a portable waste tank?
First of all, wear hand gloves. Then, connect the sewer hose of the portable tank to the holding tank of the RV. Make sure that you are connecting it to the right valve; check the “gray water” and “black water” labels. Fasten the hose carefully. Then, you can start draining the tank.

Once the portable waste tank is full or after you’ve drained the RV holding tank, it’s time for you to close the portable waste tank. Pull or tow it to the nearest dump station.

After this, you can empty the waste tank. How to do it usually depends on the tanks manual. For standard waste tanks, you have to turn on the flush valve and let the tank drain. Wait until no more waste, liquid or solid, is coming through the hose.

Lastly, before you shut the portable waste tank back, you have to carefully clean it.

Note: If there are any spills during the transfer of waste from the holding tank to the portable waste tank, check all equipment. You might need an RV holding tank replacement or a better portable waste tank.
How to clean RV portable waste tank?
Firstly, you have to wear hand gloves. Then, connect the sewer hose off the tank to the holding tank of the RV. Then you have to make sure that you are connecting it to the right valve; check the “gray water” and “black water” labels and fasten the hose carefully. Only then can you start draining the tank.

Once the portable waste tank is full or after you’ve drained the RV holding tank, it’s time for you to close the portable waste tank. Pull or tow it to the nearest dump station.

After which, you can empty the waste tank. How to do it usually depends on the tanks manual. For standard waste tanks, you have to turn on the flush valve and let the tank drain. Wait until no more waste, liquid or solid, is coming through the hose.

Lastly, before you shut the rv portable waste tank back, you have to carefully clean it.

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