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2022 NEW – 6 Pcs 14″x14″ Nut Milk Bag – 100% Organic Unbleached Cotton Cheesecloth Bags/Food Strainer, Nut Milk Bag Reusable for Straining Oat Milk, Almond Milk, Cheese making, Celery Juice Nut Bag

2022 NEW  6 Pcs 14x14 Nut Milk Bag  100 Organic Unbleached Cotton Cheesecloth BagsFood Strainer Nut Milk Bag Reusable for Straining Oat Milk Almond Milk Cheese making Celery Juice Nut Bag

Better than nylon nylon is made of harsh chemicals and can take several decades to decompose Thats why our bags are made with certified unbleached 100 organic cotton Cotton is a natural fiber that is good for the environment plus you dont have to worry about nasty chemicals in your food As a small family business we made sure our products leave the least possible waste behind Better design and size the u shape of this bag prevents the pulp to get stuck in the corners making it easier to use and clean Measuring 14×14 the bigger size of our bags allows you to make bigger batches at a time with more space area to squeeze and enjoy a mess free experience The seams are triple stitched to ensure they will not rip easily and are sewn outwards for extremely easy cleaning

Practical and easy to use our nut milk food strainer bags are extremely easy to use and with a single strain you will obtain a smooth residuefree beverage each time Due to our high quality organic cotton mesh there is absolutely no need for double straining your recipes Make all sorts of homemade nut milk and juices without struggle After use simply rinse with water and a tiny drop of dish soap Let it air dry completely before storage

Aftersales service our bags are made of the best materials available and each batch is thoroughly tested and inspected for 100 costumer satisfaction If you are not loving your nut milk bag simply contact us and we will do our best to assist you in the next 24h

Certified organic and unbleached our bags are made with 100 organic cotton certified by the global organic textile standard gots They are unbleached and carry nontoxic materials so you dont have to worry about nasty artificial components getting mixed up in your homemade recipes



Cotton Farm – Grade 100 (The Finest) Cheesecloth,100% Mediterranean Cotton, 9 SQ. FT, Best for Straining and Cooking; Unbleached and Reusable…

Cotton Farm  Grade 100 (The Finest) Cheesecloth100 Mediterranean Cotton 9 SQ FT Best for Straining and Cooking Unbleached and Reusable…

The finest cheese clothes cotton farm grade 100 is an authentic cheese cloth in contrary same grade 90 products sold under different brands It is woven with 100 natural mediterranean cotton with 46×54 threads per inch the highest in the market It is denser and more durable than other cheese clothes grade 90 60 and 50 Household multiple uses cotton farm cheese clothes are very versatile tool in the home and work It is used as runner for halloween wedding party decoration cleaning cloth for house cars motorcycles faux finishing crafting rag painting

advance straining because cotton farm grade 100 fine mesh has total 100 threads per inch it has perfect straining characteristic which keep even smallest particles in the cheesecloth It answers all straining filtering needs including straining fruit nut milk bone broth honey soup stocks cheese yogurt butter tea and coffee Highly durable 9 sq Ft 1 sq Yd With 3×3 feet dimensions because 2 sides are nailed during woven process it is much stronger than freecut products It is machine and hand washable can be used multiple times

food grade cotton farm cheese cloth is woven with new not recycled cotton threads not bleached or dyed does not includes lint metal or any kind of chemicals You can use this food grade butter muslin cloths in the kitchen for all kinds of food preparation including basting or stuffing poultry roasting turkey or chicken keeping chicken or fish intact when poaching wrapping spices and steaming vegetables


3. Cystarry

2-in-1 Creative Stainless Steel Straining Ladle,Detachable Filter Leaking Long Handle Soup Spoon Colander

2in1 Creative Stainless Steel Straining LadleDetachable Filter Leaking Long Handle Soup Spoon Colander

Longer handle easily reaches the bottom of deeper pots and keeps hands safe from heat hanger hook prevents ladle from falling into pots during use Size length is 32cm126in Stainless steel material for durability and corrosion resistance The 2in1 straining ladle with a drainer bafflethe spoon can be used as a normal soup spoonalso can be used as a strainer spoon This colander spoon is detachableeasy to clean


4. Belexy

Belexy Rice Bowl Plastic Rice Pulses Fruits Vegetable Noodles Pasta Washing Bowl and Strainer for Storing and Straining, Rice Strainer Bowl, Fruit Stainer, Drain Basket – 2.1 Qt (2L)

Belexy Rice Bowl Plastic Rice Pulses Fruits Vegetable Noodles Pasta Washing Bowl and Strainer for Storing and Straining Rice Strainer Bowl Fruit Stainer Drain Basket  21 Qt (2L)

Included components cups mugs saucers Widely suitable for apples vegetables rice tomatoes beans carrot paper grape and so on wonderful food cleaning helper Made of high quality abs material with strengthened design matte surface for good texture reliable to use for long time Small hole Ricebeanlentil wont escape Safe plastic for food Dimensions length 95 inch 235 cm width 65 inch 163 cm height 35 inch 87 cm package content pack of 1 rice washer basket

The drain holes design on the container body is convenient for users to clean food and divide the food with the water quickly practical and convenient Belexy committed to deliver superior quality products to its customers However our customer service doesnt end there In case you face any problem with respect to our products write to us directly and we will address your grievances immediately Please visit us for a hassle free shopping experience



ZESPROKA Stainless Steel Fine Mesh Strainers Set of 3–Large, Medium & Small Sifters with Comfortable & Non Slip Handles – Ideal for Pasta, Rice, Tea, Spaghetti, Quinoa, Baking

ZESPROKA Stainless Steel Fine Mesh Strainers Set of 3Large Medium  Small Sifters with Comfortable  Non Slip Handles  Ideal for Pasta Rice Tea Spaghetti Quinoa Baking

Nonslip handles these pasta strainers come with comfortable nonslip handles to ensure a smooth flowing cooking process This will ensure that there are no accidents in the kitchen and the rubber handles additionally protect your hands from the heat Fine mesh for efficient straining these rice strainers are made from fine mesh This is especially helpful for sifting through dry ingredients such as those used for baking as well as for refining the texture of sauces and separating fine particles and seeds from the same Set of 3 strainers this strainer set comes with 3 strainers of various sizes 32 47 7 This is to ensure that you always have the right strainer for the job at hand whether it is straining something small like tea and coffee or something big like pasta and noodles

Stainless steel construction these metal strainers are made of durable stainless steel and are a highquality product that will not bend or rust This set of strainers will last you for years to come and be with you during your entire cooking journey

Easy to store these mesh food strainers are lightweight and compact enough to store in any kitchen drawer or cabinet You can also hang them up from the ends for easy access This set of strainers is a foodsafe product designed to serve you for multiple purposes


6. Country Trading Co.

American Cotton Cheesecloth for Straining – 2 Pack Large 23″ Precut Cheese Cloth Squares, Hemmed Muslin Fine Reusable Strainer

American Cotton Cheesecloth for Straining  2 Pack Large 23 Precut Cheese Cloth Squares Hemmed Muslin Fine Reusable Strainer

Fine mesh strainer double layer of fine grade 90 cheesecloth for ultrafine straining Choose american grown cotton for strength and purity a cheesecloth woven from cotton grown by local farmers that carries the cotton usa standard From our kitchen to yours we are cooks and we test and use all our products buy this cheesecloth with confidence that it will do the job The only straining solution you need fine reusable strainer for nut milk jelly bags to filter wine honey oil juice coffee and strain yogurt

Reusable neatly hemmed squares two large 23 squares fit kitchen bowls and colander strainers sewn edges keep threads from your food



Cheese Cloth Nut Milk Cloth Nylon Straining Cloth Fine Mesh Food Strainer Cloth,Multi Purpose Food Grade Filter Cloth for Nut Milk,Juice,Cold Brew,Home Brewing (24INX24IN)

Cheese Cloth Nut Milk Cloth Nylon Straining Cloth Fine Mesh Food Strainer ClothMulti Purpose Food Grade Filter Cloth for Nut MilkJuiceCold BrewHome Brewing (24INX24IN)

easy to wash durable and reusable the chef and cook will love such super strong construction and well pulp free performance in daily life for longterm use Its easier to squeeze for faster resultsThe cloth is easy to clean only wash with warm soap water rinse and let them dry Large size 2pcs60cm x 60cmsquarethe filter cloth has a strong and durable edge

Advantages of using filter cloth when you need to strain various foods but dont want any sediment in the final product Many use cheese cloths which can do a good job You will be glad you did and will never go back once you use our durable fine mesh straining clothsThey are great for your brewing needs as well as being handy in many other situations where food needs to be strained multiple uses perfect for nut milks cheese making tea yogurt juices wine making soup sachet herbs brewing With a drawstring closure The weave of our heavy duty organic cheese cloth nut milk bag is perfect for smooth creamy vegan milks and juices etc Also ideal for cold brew home brew

Highquality material made of professional food grade certified nylonDurable and reusableMade from 150 micron tightly woven mesh and delivers a good straining action as a multi purpose food straining clothsmartly designed for those who want quality and problem free straining with nylon fabric


8. Country Trading Co.

Organic Unbleached Cotton Cheesecloth for Straining – 2 Reusable Hemmed Squares, GOTS Certified, Fine Reusable Strainer – Large 23″ x 23″

Organic Unbleached Cotton Cheesecloth for Straining  2 Reusable Hemmed Squares GOTS Certified Fine Reusable Strainer  Large 23 x 23

Wash and reuse no fraying no lint these reusable straining cloth pieces are hemmed so you dont have to cut them to size or worry about stray threads in your food Easier to wash than bags filter nut milk and cold brew coffee and wash the cloth with ease no seams no cords just a tough durable fine weave cotton Big enough for all food straining needs our generous 23 cheesecloth squares fit over large kitchen bowls with cloth to spare so you dont spill a drop

Clean green organic cotton we dont just say it we certify it the gots certification on each pack means you can trust this food strainer is made from 100 organic cotton Your plasticfree kitchen helper strain broth make greek yogurt jams and fruit jelly even baste turkey all without plastic making the perfect sustainable cooks gift


9. W&W

Brew Bags Reusable Straining Mesh Bag for Fruit Wine Cider Press Apple Grape Filter Bag Drawstring Brew in a Bag 250 Micron (white, 3pack-L/XL/XXL)

Brew Bags Reusable Straining Mesh Bag for Fruit Wine Cider Press Apple Grape Filter Bag Drawstring Brew in a Bag 250 Micron (white 3packLXLXXL)

Durable reusable and washablethe brew bags are made of fine durable polyester Double reinforced stitched edge wont rip or tear easily So they are durable reusable washable and will remain smell free and useful for the longest time Wash with warm soap water rinse and let them dryOur friendly customer service will do our best to solve your problem within 24 hours Ecofriendly and high quality materialbrew bags are made of fine durable polyester which is bpa free The hole of our brew bag is 250 micron mesh so its much tighter and can filters the smaller particles which ensures no grains slip into We will offer you and your family a healthy and simply life

Multi sizes and use3 different size design will meet your different needs Whether large or small batches of homebrew This brew bags makes a fantastic gift for people who love to make homebrew Save time and money versus traditional mash tuns when allgrain brewing The brew bags method eliminates the need for a mash tun later tun or hot liquor pot They are perfect used for fruitciderapplegrapewine press From jams to cold brew to cider and fruit wine making this bag can do it all

Great designthe strong drawstring is easy pull drawstring ensures no spills and quick clean upThe drawstring with adjustable lock make sure the bag doesnt fall into the pot and stays secure and tight Since the safety temperature is 40248 40120the shallow depth design prevents bag contact with hot kettle bottom during boiling

Best choicethe straining bag is an easy and economical choice for home brewers to start allgrain brewing according to the brew in a bagmethod This will eliminates the need for a mash tun later tun or hot liquor pot thus saving your time space and money



Nut Milk Bag for Straining – Reusable Fine BPA-Free Strainer Bag, Cheesecloth Unbleached Bag, Yogurt Strainer, Juice Filter& Cold Brew Coffee Filter,Washable Reusable Almond Milk Strainer -9″X12″,2PCS

Nut Milk Bag for Straining  Reusable Fine BPAFree Strainer Bag Cheesecloth Unbleached Bag Yogurt Strainer Juice Filter Cold Brew Coffee FilterWashable Reusable Almond Milk Strainer 9X122PCS

multiple usages and reusable qteclor nut milk bags can be used not only to make nut milk but also to make cold brew coffee yogurt celery juice and other types of juice This is also a cold brew coffee bag just put the coarsely ground coffee in the bag then immerse it in a jar or pitcher filled with pure water and then put the jar in the refrigerator a few hours then take it out and wash for next use and enjoy your delicious coffee easy to clean allow machine washable hand washable The buildin drawstring can help you bundle up the opening of the bag when squeezing You can also tie the straps to the hooks and let the cleaned bag air dry

fine enough for a silky nut milk qteclor mesh is 120 micron made of nylon mesh bpafree and the nylon material will not absorb the ingredients of the nut milk kindly tips customer satisfaction is the most important Package includes 2 pack nut milk bags If you are not satisfied with our products please contact us by message or email we promise to replace unconditionally

double sewed the size of the bag is 9×12 inches the edge of the bag is double sewed and the stitching is very strict and durable so the bag can resist strong squeezing


11. Olicity

Olicity Cheese Cloths, Grade 100, 20x20Inch Hemmed Cheesecloth for Straining Reusable, 100% Unbleached Precut Cheese Cloth Strainer Muslin Cloth for Cooking, Baking, Juicing, Cheese Making – 6 Pieces

Olicity Cheese Cloths Grade 100 20x20Inch Hemmed Cheesecloth for Straining Reusable 100 Unbleached Precut Cheese Cloth Strainer Muslin Cloth for Cooking Baking Juicing Cheese Making  6 Pieces

Hemmed grade 100 cheese clothcolador de tela olicity hemmed grade 100 cheesecloth is made from natural and 100 unbleached pure cotton the hemmed edges and perfect size make it more durable and convenient than traditional cheesecloth 6 pieces of 20 inch x 20 inch as per the summarize of repeated cooking habits 20×20 inch is the most suitable size to meet your daily cooking needs very convenient to use it and no need to cut It can be also used as covering grow sprouts wrap warm tortillas etc Not shed lint comparing to the traditional cheesecloth you dont need to cut into many pieces and worry about the small threads may end up in foods because the edges of olicity hemmed precut cheesecloth can avoid this problem as much as possible

Easy wash and reusable our hemmed cheesecloth is the highest grade and best quality in cheesecloth wont tear easily It has 56×41 threadsinch the most applicable weave in cooking ultra fine and lint free easy wash and reusable In addition it comes in a vacuum sealed package to keep it clean and fresh Please addtocart now and try it Easy to get multiple layers filtration if your foods needs to get multiple layers filtration you dont have to cut the cheesecloth into many pieces just overlap multiple pieces of our brands hemmed cheesecloth to make it done This is a more humanized design and it would be much more easier to clean


12. Norpro

Norpro KRONA 1.5 Quart Vented Sauce Pan with Straining Lid, Stainless Steel

Norpro KRONA 15 Quart Vented Sauce Pan with Straining Lid Stainless Steel

Has a triply encapsulated base incorporates 2 layers of stainless steel with an aluminum core layer This solid construction ensures increased heat conductivity even heat distribution increased cooking efficiency protection from hot spots and burning and reliable durability Capacity 15qt 14l Stainless steel construction

Included components pan lid This vented cooking sauce pan has  specially designed pour spouts to drain liquid with ease Ideal for draining vegetables potatoes and pastas Simply turn lid to seal in the steam or use either 3mm or 6mm ventdrain holes For the home cook and the professional chef this pan is perfect for everyday use

Includes a vented glass straining lid and long staycool handle designed for safety comfort and durability


13. Italiana Migliore

Best Quality Cheesecloth 43 Sq Ft *Chef Premium FOOD GRADE 60* Fine Mesh Unbleached 100% Cotton – Can Use as Nut Milk Bag, Strainer, Baby Wrap Roll

Best Quality Cheesecloth 43 Sq Ft Chef Premium FOOD GRADE 60 Fine Mesh Unbleached 100 Cotton  Can Use as Nut Milk Bag Strainer Baby Wrap Roll

Reusable built for durability unlike many other cheese clothes and substitutes that will just crumble after one use the italiana migliore can be washed and reused many times over again 1 ranked cheesecloth on amazon italiana migliore One of the most coveted and secreted tools in a chefs kitchen as well as a butlers pocket is the superior quality cheese cloths of the italiana migliore and amazingly it is now offered direct to consumers at an incredibly affordable price Superior to muslin many will say to use muslin in the cheese making process however our cheese cloth is designed for cheese Its unique weave allow for excellent bandaging and airdrying to give it the perfect texture

Unmatched quality the pure 100 unbleached premium cotton fabric mesh with a unique weave that is a fine grade 60 that is perfect for food yet soft enough to use as a baby wrap Highest food graded 60 with unlimited applications ideally made for cooking basting filtering wrapping straining strainer but very versatile and perfect for around the house for cleaning polishing crafting clothes and even bags towels squares and tree wrap protection Better than grade 90 as it is easier to use and higher quality


14. Regency Wraps

Regency Wraps Regency Natural Ultra Fine Cheesecloth, 100% Cotton, For Basting Turkey and Poultry, Straining Soups & Sauces & Making Cheese,9 sq. ft. , natural

Regency Wraps Regency Natural Ultra Fine Cheesecloth 100 Cotton For Basting Turkey and Poultry Straining Soups  Sauces  Making Cheese9 sq ft  natural

Hundreds of uses around the home use for crafting decorating projects such as creating ghosts and cobwebs for halloween quick curtains for events and playhouses and making attractive table center pieces Packaged and inspected in the usa in our u S Based factory in texas Ultra fine food grade cheeseclothmade of 100 natural unbleached heavy weight cotton

If your package does not arrive as shown then it is not an authentic regency wraps product and we cannot its quality Please notify us if you do not receive a genuine regency wraps product High grade tight weave ideal for basting turkey and poultry straining soups and sauces steaming vegetables Also great for making cheese and yogurt pressing tofu making nut milk and kombucha

Makes cleaning easier its lint free so its easier to clean mirrors polish silver dust and refinish furniture detail automobiles


15. Zulay Kitchen

Zulay Grade 90 Cheesecloth – Unbleached & Reusable Ultra Fine Cheese Cloth – Pure Cotton Food Grade Cheese Cloths For Cooking, Straining, Basting, Making Cheese, Decoration and More (1 Yard)

Zulay Grade 90 Cheesecloth  Unbleached  Reusable Ultra Fine Cheese Cloth  Pure Cotton Food Grade Cheese Cloths For Cooking Straining Basting Making Cheese Decoration and More (1 Yard)

Enjoy the finer things in life tired of relying on subpar quality cheesecloths that just ruin the recipes youve worked so hard on Prepare to experience the highest quality of cheesecloth you can get your hands on The zulay kitchen cheesecloth is made of grade 90 the best quality weave 100 unbleached cotton and ultrafine cloth material You wont believe how well it strains and filters compared to the runofthemill alternatives A value for your money our cheesecloth is washable and reusable which saves you money compared to buying a singleuse substitute which is proven to be a hassle and wasteful We offer 3 different sizes for you to choose from 3×3 ft 1 yard 3×6 ft 2 yard 3×9 ft 3 yards

Is it versatile Yes This cheesecloth isnt solely made for just cheese In fact most professional chefs always make sure to keep some on hand for any dish they might need to prepare Its useful for straining and filtering food with curds such as cheese tofu or even infusing wonderful flavors and aromas with spice sachets

No hassle kitchen happiness zulay guarantee we love and take pride in our cotton cheesecloth and we back this up with a lifetime guarantee If there are ever any issues just contact us and we will make it right Order now and be assured that this product will live up to your expectations guaranteed If it does not we got you covered even after the amazon return window Chances are you will never need to reach out

The superior choice its no secret that using good cheesecloth results in good recipes This cheesecloth is 100 pure cotton material completely lintfree and unbleached to ensure the best organic quality food grade cloth Designed with a highgrade tight weave to ensure durability sustainability and effectiveness for years to come



Yarnx Cheesecloth 9 sq. ft. – Grade 90-100% Ultra-Fine Unbleached Organic Cotton Reusable Cheese Cloths for Cooking, Straining, Filtering, Baking & Halloween Decoration

Yarnx Cheesecloth 9 sq ft  Grade 90100 UltraFine Unbleached Organic Cotton Reusable Cheese Cloths for Cooking Straining Filtering Baking  Halloween Decoration

Not a dandelion while ordinary cheesecloth strainer shrinks after a few uses or falls apart like a dandelion our natural cheesecloth is made with grade 90 cotton which keeps it intact for an extended period Pick the finest extra thick tight weave and reusable cheesecloth so you can strain the water completely without leaving any food particles behind which means you can enjoy your pure food to the fullest Premium webbing fine mesh fabric material does not let the food particles get stuck in the webbing easily which means you wont be reminded of the last food item you made with this cheese cloth strainer

Care instructions before using the straining cloth for the first time please give it a warm wash and let it dry for future use always wash the strainer by hand as washing machines can tear it apart Versatile use our grade90 cheesecloth can be used to make a variety of food items such as homemade cheese almond milk greek yogurt lemon tea and many more



Cheesecloth Bags for Straining,Reusable Cold Brew Coffee Cheese Cloths Strainer,Large Nut Milk Tea Juice Bag,100% Natural Cotton Fine Mesh Filter Bags(X-Small,4 PACK)

Cheesecloth Bags for StrainingReusable Cold Brew Coffee Cheese Cloths StrainerLarge Nut Milk Tea Juice Bag100 Natural Cotton Fine Mesh Filter Bags(XSmall4 PACK)

Versatilecold brew coffeecold or hot brew teanut milkgreek yogurtcheesesoup spicestradional chinese medicinesqueezing citrus juice without seedsetc Use with confidencemade by 100 natural cottonFood gradeSqueezableUnbleachedEasy to cleanReusableEcofriendly Productthis product is mainly used to filter foodsizexsmall 4x6package4 bags

Tips1Wash it before use 2Not in oven or microwave 3Can be boilled in water 4Reusable Ultra firmfine meshTearing resistanceFast and fine filtration without repeated filtration


18. LD Carlson

LD Carlson 4724 Small Fine Straining Bag, 10″ x 23″ Size

LD Carlson 4724 Small Fine Straining Bag 10 x 23 Size

The package weight of the product is 0018 kilograms Made in united states Package dimensions 12395 h x 1803 l x 4191 w centimeters Unit count 10



MAIYUE Brew Bags Reusable 175 Micron Fine Mesh Bag, All Purpose Food Strainer – Food Grade BPA-Free – Ultra Strong Fine Nylon Mesh, Grape Wine Press Drawstring Straining Brew in a Bag(2 pcs-22″×26″)

MAIYUE Brew Bags Reusable 175 Micron Fine Mesh Bag All Purpose Food Strainer  Food Grade BPAFree  Ultra Strong Fine Nylon Mesh Grape Wine Press Drawstring Straining Brew in a Bag(2 pcs22×26)

3 Perfect design the drawstring with adjustable lock make sure the bag doesnt fall into the pot and stays secure and tightThese clever design is prevents bag contact with hot kettle bottom Use your existing kettle setup for an easy transition to allgrain brewing big enough for multiple usages like beer making wine making nut milk making fruit juicing cold brew coffee this bag can do what you want 1 Perfect sizes 26 wide and 22 height will fit kettles up to 17 in diameter and will hold up to 20lbs of grains ensure you can brew even the largest of recipes without spilling any grain

4 Multiple uses high quality nylon food strainer bags withstand hundreds of uses Much finer mesh filters out much more pulp and it doesnt stretch out in the same way that organic materials dooffer us a safe and healthy choice 5100 satisfaction guaranteedour entire pursuit is to provide you with good serviceIf there is any damage or dissatisfaction after you receive this product pls dont hesitate to contact us at the first time We will provide you with a 100 satisfactory solution

2 Premium material these bags are made of food grade nylon and can be washed and reused multiple times Durable food grade nylon and rugged stitching ensures no grains slip into the worth easy removal of the grains makes the rest of your brew day and cleanup a breeze Drawstring closure ensures a complete seal before removal


20. Simple Ecology

Simple Ecology Worlds Best Reusable Organic Cotton Muslin Fine Mesh Straining Bags – Set of 4 (L, M, S, XS) (nut milk, cold brew, coffee filter, loose leaf tea infuser, food juice pulp strainer)

Simple Ecology Worlds Best Reusable Organic Cotton Muslin Fine Mesh Straining Bags  Set of 4 (L M S XS) (nut milk cold brew coffee filter loose leaf tea infuser food juice pulp strainer)

Global organic textile standards gots certified organic cotton muslin fabric for both ecology and social responsibility The best in ecofriendliness all materials are natural sustainable organic biodegradable reusable recyclable zero waste Perfect for all your straining needs from brewing loose leaf tea or cold brew coffee to straining homemade nut milks to much much more also sold in a coffee filter set and tea filter set Durable construction will last for years made extra strong to prevent bag from ripping or bursting during straining compared to regular bags

Available in 4 sizesLarge 12 x 13 in perfect for nut milk yogurt and larger straining jobsMedium 7 x 10 in for wide mouth quart and twoquart mason jars perfect for larger batches of cold brew coffeeSmall 6 x 8 in for regular mouth pint and quart mason jars perfect for smaller batches of cold brew coffeeXsmall 35 x 55 in sized for tea pots or large cups for steeping teaAll sizes can be used for steeping herbs spices for soups and broths

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