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If you live in a small space and you frequently update your wardrobe to stay current with your style, you may be looking for ways to declutter your closet. A well-organized closet helps save you time while you’re getting ready for your day and can help protect your clothing from unexpected damage. A systematic closet space often offers more storage space, which could come in handy for someone with limited options.

Over The Door Solutions

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Utilizing an over the door pocket hanger has so many amazing uses. Use it for its suggested storage item, shoes, or roll up your leggings and be able to see each pair individually. Gloves, hats, and other small items are also great for hanging pocket holders. These provide a great way to arrange your beauty products and hair care items for easy daily access as well.

via Breeze GiannasioFloor Shelves For Shoes

A set of floor shelving on the ground can help arrange your shoes in a way that saves some space. Place one shoe with the toe facing forward and the matching shoe facing opposite, heel forwards. This helps shoes to fit more snuggly, thus allowing an additional pair of shoes to make their way onto your shelf.

There are many hanging closet organizers that can play a huge role in managing your closet space. Whether you need to create the space or add to an already existing space, hanging closet organizers are for you. If you need space for shelving, you can simply hang it on the rod in your closet and instantly create a better organization system for yourself. Another suggestion is adding another rod to your closet. A drop rod hooks onto the one above it and creates a two-leveled system of hanging clothes that will help everything fall into place in your small space.

via Lisa Furey InteriorsSimple Do-It-Yourself Hacks For Decluttering

There are so many simple little DIY hacks that will increase the capacity in your small space. Use shower curtain rings to organize scarves or layering tank tops on a hanger. Clothespins or bag clips on hangers make for useful ways to hang pants and skirts. Additionally, soda can tabs fit perfectly on the hook of a hanger to create a tiered effect allowing you to hang more clothing items in one space. If you want to step it up and make it a little more classy, chains and S-hooks create the same effect.

Make Use of Empty Space

Hang additional clothing rods along the width, or place baskets in dead space. Oftentimes, the sides of our closets create hard-to-reach places and wasted space. Be creative and make that area work for you. Hang suitcases and other seldom-used items up out of reach.

Decluttering should be on everybody’s list of things to do. Removing unnecessary items from spaces, or simply reorganizing those items so that they’re neat, can provide a sense of relief. The closet is a space that becomes overcrowded on a regular basis, but with these decluttering hacks, you should be on your way to a stress-free wardrobe. Thanks to Stitchfix for contributing

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