A small shed is a nice addition to a backyard or a garden, offering a separate storage area for things like gardening equipment, tools, pots and other things that you don’t want to keep in your house or your garage or that you need outside


You can either buy a storage shed in which you’re limited to whatever dimensions and features you can find or you can build one yourself which gives you more freedom. As it happens, we have a bunch of cool ideas to share with you.

This small shed is basically just a large box that you can store things in. It was built using wide cedar fence pickets and it looks kind of cute even though it’s simple. We like the contrast between the wooden boards and the metal hardware. It gives the shed a barn-inspired appearance. Check out ana-white to see how the shed was built from start to finish.

Building a small garden shed isn’t an expensive project, especially if you’re using reclaimed materials. You can repurpose all sorts of things. For example, this tiny shed was made out of old doors and windows. It’s perfect for storing all the garden tools inside where they’re handy and protected from the elements. Check out acultivatednest to find out more about this cool project.

Speaking of old doors, check out this other awesome shed featured on empressofdirt. It’s a lovely addition to the garden and it takes up little space but offers a lot in return. You can make your own potting shed out of repurposed old doors so perhaps its time to plan a home renovation project.

If you can gather enough old doors and windows, you can even build a greenhouse for your garden or your backyard. The windows don’t have to match. You can combine them all to create a sort of patchwork design. It will look unique and your greenhouse will have tons of character. Check out lizmarieblog to find out how this greenhouse was built.

A tool shed might fit nicely in your backyard and if you want to save some time you can get a ready-made one and then have fun customizing its interior with shelves, hooks and hangers so you can have a place for all your items. That’s how this shed came to look so great. Find out its story on thecavenderdiary.

There are all sorts of ways in which you can customize your shed either to make it look nice or to make it more practical. One idea would be to give it a green roof. It’s a fairly simple project and if done right the results are amazing.

If you’re the type who always works on a DIY project, you could probably use a workshop. Well, why not build one? A larger shed would be just right. You could use as your workshop when you’re doing fun projects and it can serve as a regular storage shed the rest of the time. Check out diyhuntress to find out how it’s done.

Sure, those classic little sheds with barn doors and cute square windows look nice and charming but if you prefer something simpler and more modern then that’s what you should build. Check out this cool shed for instance. It has clerestory windows and it looks like it’s all clad in reclaimed wood boards which gives it a really cool look.{found on josephsandy}.

Look at this small shed… it’s so adorable it looks like a little fairy tale house. It even has a ramp and tiny windows. It was all built from scratch starting with the floor and finishing with the pitched roof. You can see the process being described on instructables. The color palette is pretty quirky and shows how you too could customize your own small shed to make it stand out.

Another way to make your small shed stand out is by giving it a cool shape. This shed is hexagonal and that’s quite unusual. This doesn’t really make the building process that much more difficult so if you like the idea it’s definitely worth pursuing it. You can check out instructables to find some tips and details about this sort of project.

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