Are You a Multipotentialite?


Multipotentialite is a term that is popularized by Emelie Wapnick. She is a speaker, blogger, community leader. She believes that many people have more than just one call. In her popular TED talk, she gives some amazing examples of individuals who choose to be an expert not just in one but multiple traits.

Every stage of my life I have felt passionate about at least one thing. At that point, I considered it my true calling. I could imagine myself doing the same thing over and over down the years and loving it and thriving in it. I would find myself thinking, basically breathing about this newfound passion of mine.

But few months down the line I would find myself fading away and looking for other challenges and being pulled towards my (next) passion.

I was taught how to crochet by my mom when I was around twelve years old. I always found pride in things that I could do and achieve by myself and crochet was one of those skills. About nine years back it occurred to me that this is something that I could take to the next level. I could turn something like crocet, something that I love and something that I am good at and turn it into income.

I started my research.

I found different ways I could upskill. I experimented with different styles, different yarn and created different items to find my area of strength. I studied the market and found that rugs and blankets were the most popular items among customers. They are also quite quick to churn.

So, I set myself up for success and put myself out there on different social media and buying and selling platforms. I was quite proud of myself to make those few sales. Some via buy and sell platforms and some with word of mouth.

I was happy with the results so far.

But over the next few months, I found my passion shifting away from this idea.

Every time I picked up a crochet hook, it felt like a chore. I lost my mojo and coming up with something creative was nowhere to be found. Gradually all my unsold blankets and rugs and half-finished projects ended up in storage boxes.

Now that I look back, I realise that it was not my lack of ability to stick to one passion. It was rather my strength to be able to complete a challenge and move on to find my next best encounter.

I acknowledge that the process gave me great understanding, knowledge and opportunity to learn more about myself and what the modern world has to offer. But subconsciously my brain did not find anything else challenging in this process and decided it was time to move on.

I was able to be an entrepreneur but I now understand that I never intended to do so in the long run. My brain just craved the challenge and wanted to test what was out there and somehow tick it off in the ‘been there, done that list. Once I explored and there was nothing major to unveil, I wanted to be out rather than stay.

Since then I have moved on but have not dumped the knowledge I gathered. I was able to use this newfound understanding at my next job and do better than expected. I was able to appreciate how social media can help products and businesses. I was able to acknowledge the use of email marketing and how a business could build a list of sincere followers and customers.

Historical pioneers were trained in multiple disciplines and were celebrated for that. Being experts and having multiple passions helped them to be innovative and think outside the box. Their ideas are what the modern world now feeds on.

It was after the industrial revolution that thinking started to change. Society started to develop this idea of having one career and being an expert in just one discipline to be credible to fit in. You were considered a fool to move between different career choices.

To choose just one passion from the few that you have is like having to choose between your children… choose one of your children and kill the rest. As harsh as it sounds, the long term trauma that it causes many is real as it comes. The feeling of societal compulsion to stick with the one thing you are doing takes a toll on many and they are live their life bitter on the inside.

Even if you defy cultural and societal pressures, there are many who are cannot change careers or choose multiple passions in their life for other reasons. I will leave this topic for some time later.
The important thing to remember is never to consider any experience in your life a waste of time. Treasure every occurrence and make the best of your circumstances. Cherish all knowledge and implement it in the next season of your life.

You can always be more!

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