Best Nintendo Switch accessories 2020: Protect and personalise your Switch

If you just bought a Nintendo Switch for either yourself or a loved one, your next step should be to look at accessories.

Nintendo's portable console comes with a few goodies inside the box, but there's a whole ecosystem of first- and third-party add-ons available that'll provide the Switch with added protection, more juice for playtime, and expanded functionality. From cases to adaptors, here are the must-have accessories for your Switch. Most of them are super cheap, and all of them have exceptional reviews.

Best Nintendo Switch accessories

amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector


Many people love glass screen protectors. If you're one of them, consider getting this protector for your Switch. It is clear, bubble-free, and scratch-resistant. Two protectors come in the box, however, just in case you need a spare.

128GB Samsung Evo Select


If you own a Switch, you need a microSD card for storage. This one has super fast random-read speeds, and it's not crazy expensive.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller


The Switch Pro Controller is a lot like the Xbox One controller in terms of shape, and it supports motion controls and Amiibo scanning. It's perfect if you're a gamer who tends to use the Switch for long sessions.

Portable dock 


You might find, like us, that as portable as the Switch is you don't want to bring the docking station with you on the off chance you find a TV. This diminutive little docking system allows you to hook up to displays without the full dock, and is a great way to save space if you're travelling.



Gulikit Route Air Bluetooth Adapter


This Bluetooth adapter doesn't cost much at all, and lets you pair any Bluetooth headset or earbuds with your Switch. That's true freedom. 

Hori Compact Playstand for Nintendo Switch


Hori's Playstand is exactly what you think it is: a portable stand that securely holds and props up the Switch and is very lightweight.

Tomtoc Nintendo Switch Slim Case


Cases are so hard to pick between. We like slim, sleek ones for our phones and for our Switch. We rather enjoy this option that offers pretty great protection.

ButterFox Nintendo Switch Hard Carrying Case


This case can store your Switch, plus a few accessories and cards. It has good construction and is available in black, red, or blue trim.


RAVPower Portable USB-C Battery


This can charge your Switch while you play it. It offers 30W via USB Power Delivery and has other ports for charging additional devices. 

Hori GameCube Controller


Yes, you can get a GameCube third-party controller for the Switch. Why not? It's a popular controller, and it adds a bit of nostalgia.

GameCube Controller Adapter


If you already own the classic controller, get a adapter to make it work with the Switch. Or, if you have a Wii U adapter, that'll work, too.

Joy-Con Charging Grip


The Joy-Con Grip that comes in the box with your console doesn't charge your controllers. For that, you need this Charging Grip directly from Nintendo.

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