Clutter Free Entryway: How Can I Keep My Entryway Organized & Functional?

Have you not been able to find your keys in the morning? Did you forget your doggie do do bags and angered a neighbor because you forgot to bring them? Do your kids have a zillion activities and it seems hard to keep track?

Clutter Free Entryway

The entryway or hall near the door of your home is an area that can get jammed up with clutter anytime, but usually back to school makes it even more of a challenge.


I’m also going to encourage you to set some rules in this area such as all coats are to be hung, keep items in their containers, and that this area isn’t a dumping ground.


Here are some tips to create a clutter-free zone for getting out the door quickly.

  • Create an area for everyday items, such as mail or keys.
  • Have an area dedicated to each child. Designate a space for coats, backpacks, shoes, etc.
  • Consider creating a space for borrowed items such as library books, or things you need to return to friends.
  • Color coordinate with your kids’ activities. Have a colored tote and assign it to each child for an activity. For example, blue for Max’s soccer equipment, purple for Emma’s ice hockey equipment and pink for Clare’s drama props.
  • Keep often-used items within easy reach and remember human beings like the path of least resistance. It’s easier to put mail into an open cubby than into a drawer.



More Clutter Free Entryway

Consider an Open mailbox system. I am a fan of these, also for creative people. Label slots permission slips, bills, file, etc.

  • Kids: name/ pictures for labels.
  • Make Storage: easy reach. Shove stuff on shelf better chance keeping neat. Hooks for kids’ coats, etc. at their level.
  • Higher row hooks/cubbies adult gear, paperwork & out of season
  • Don’t forget Pets: hooks leashes; waste pickup & cleanup
  • This is also a great area for a Recycling bin/trash can for junk mail, etc.


Here are some tips to be green going out the door:


  • Old bookcase easily transform into functional storage
  • Chalkboard for messages
  • Reuse fed ex boxes/cereal boxes for in/outboxes
  • Repurpose a cake stand for car keys, etc


Get that entryway clutter-free for easy and stress-free exits in the morning or anytime!


Note: some of you might have an area near your garage that you use more frequently instead of the front of the home. For example, se have a key hook to keep our keys before we enter the garage.


How is your entryway looking? What steps can you take to reduce clutter and get it organized? What’s your favorite tip for your entry way?


Go out, clear the clutter to create the life you choose, deserve and desire.

DIY Options to Clear Clutter

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