Over the past few years, Amazon has been manufacturing an increasingly impressive range of entertainment devices

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It doesn’t matter whether you want to watch movies, read books, or browse the web; the company has something to meet your needs.

Here are the seven best Amazon entertainment devices available right now.
1. Best Amazon eReader:
Kindle Oasis Kindle Oasis Kindle Oasis Buy Now On Amazon $279.99
The best Amazon Kindle device is the all-new Kindle Oasis. It was released in July 2019. Indeed, the Oasis is probably the best eReader available from any manufacturer. It has a seven-inch display with a resolution of 300 pixels per inch (PPI), e-ink technology, and physical page turn buttons.

The latest model also has an adaptable backlight; you can make it display warmer colors for reading in bed or late at night. Finally, the Oasis is waterproof. You can read your ebooks in the bath without worrying. The device has an IPX8 rating, meaning it can withstand two meters of water for one hour.
2. Best Amazon Tablet:
Amazon Fire HD Tablet 10 Amazon Fire HD Tablet 10 Amazon Fire HD Tablet 10 Buy Now On Amazon $149.99
The Amazon Fire HD Tablet 10 received an upgrade in October 2019. The new release is 30 percent faster than its predecessor. The tablet comes with a 10.1-inch screen, 1080p resolution, a 2.0 GHz octa-core processor, and 2GB of RAM. It has a front and rear camera, both of which can take 2MP photos. The tablet supports Amazon’s digital assistant Alexa too.

You can pick up the Amazon Fire HD Tablet 10 in either a 32GB or 64GB version. You’ll also need to decide whether you’re willing to pay a little extra to remove Amazon’s “special offers” (i.e. ads) from the lock screen. The device’s battery lasts for 12 hours. You need to use a USB-C cable to recharge it.
3. Best Amazon Speaker:
Amazon Echo Amazon Echo Amazon Echo Buy Now On Amazon $99.99
The Amazon Echo is a smart speaker with integrated Alexa capabilities. You can use an Echo to play music from all the mainstream music streaming services. However, thanks to Alexa, you can also set timers and alarms, create reminders, listen to the news and weather, add events to your calendar, make phone calls, and a whole lot more.

An Amazon Echo speaker will work as a voice-controlled standalone device, but you can hook it up to your other speakers using a 3.5mm stereo cable. You can also connect to the speaker using Bluetooth.

Under the hood, the Echo has an array of seven microphones, a 2.5-inch woofer, and a 0.6-inch tweeter. There are physical control buttons on the top of the speaker for the times when you cannot use your voice.
4. Best Amazon Device for Cordcutters:
Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Buy Now On Amazon $34.99
If you want to add streaming capabilities to your TV, you will struggle to find a better device than the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K. Unlike a Google Chromecast, it has a user interface for easy navigation. There’s also support for Alexa, streaming at 60FPS, HDR 10+ video, Dolby Atmos audio, a quad-core processor, and 8GB of storage.

And remember, although it doesn’t look like it, the Fire TV operating system is a highly modified version of Android TV. That means you can sideload any app from the Google Play Store and it will work, even if there’s not an official version in Amazon’s own app store.
5. Best Amazon Device for Alexa:
Echo Show 8 Echo Show 8 Echo Show 8 Buy Now On Amazon $129.99
The new Echo Show 8 is a screen to accompany Alexa. Providing Alexa with a display adds a new dimension to the personal assistant’s capabilities. For instance, you can use it to watch content from Amazon Prime Video and catch up on movie trailers. More impressively, however, if you have multiple Echo Show devices in your home, you can make video calls between them. You could even use the device as a digital photo frame.

An Echo Show also provides you with more control over your smart home devices. You can see real-time feedback—such as the temperature or live security camera footage—and thus make more informed decisions about your systems.
6. Best Amazon Device for Streaming Video:
Fire TV Cube Fire TV Cube Fire TV Cube Buy Now On Amazon $119.99
The Amazon Fire TV Stick is a superb device for adding extra functionality to your television. But, if you really want to take your cord-cutting to the next level, you need a Fire TV Cube. The latest version of the device was released in October 2019. Like the Amazon Fire HD Tablet 10, it brings notable improvements over the previous version.

From a usability standpoint, the big difference between the Fire TV Stick and the Cube is the far-field voice control; you can control your TV using any Alexa device in your home. Similarly, you can use the Cube to control your Alexa devices in other rooms. Specs-wise, there’s a built-in speaker, a hexa-core processor, and 16GB of storage.
7. Best Amazon Device for Kids:
Echo Dot Kids Edition Echo Dot Kids Edition Echo Dot Kids Edition Buy Now On Amazon $69.99
Amazon’s Echo Dot has been available for a few years as a smaller, less powerful version of the main Echo speaker. More recently, however, Amazon has also unveiled the Echo Dot Kids Edition. As you’d expect, it comes with some specific features so parents can have peace of mind. For example, kids can only call pre-approved family and friends, and parents can set daily usage limits and review all their kids’ activity. Alexa will also automatically filter profanities and explicit versions of songs.

The Echo Dot Kids Edition speakers come with a 12-month subscription to FreeTime. This service provides children with access to thousands of kids’ books, movies, TV shows, educational apps, and games. The regular price is $2.99/month. The Echo Dot Kids Edition is available in two colors—blue and “rainbow.”
The Best Amazon Entertainment Devices
The seven devices we’ve looked at in this article are the best Amazon entertainment devices across a number of categories. But, Amazon makes dozens of different devices that didn’t make our list. For people operating within different budgets and with different usage requirements, some of them might be more suitable than our picks. Make sure you check out all the options before you make your decision.

Amazon also produces its own range of affordable electronics, known as AmazonBasics. If you’re interested, check out our list of the best AmazonBasics products available today.

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