Turn Your Dorm Room Into a Sanctuary With These 51 "Easy-Growing" House Plants

When college is back in session, there may be one thing your dorm checklist missed: plants. Hear us out. Dorm rooms are stuffy, often shared, and are your legitimate home for (at least) a whole semester. Owning a good plant reaps so many benefits, like cleaning the air, lifting your mood, and even reducing stress. This all improves your late-night study sessions, sleep sessions, and everyday wellness. Pretty dang cool, am I right? Even if you're no plant expert, these easy-to-care-for greens are equipped to handle some occasional neglect, so don't stress yourself out if you forget to water it one week, it'll be OK. If we've convinced you to pick up a green companion of your own, then we've gathered the best dorm plants that can be delivered to your doorstep or found at your local home depot. It's never too late to add a plant to your list! Read ahead to see the very best air-purifying suitors for you.
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