When space becomes a luxury that you cannot afford, a wall mounted ironing board can be of great help

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In addition to that, dragging an ironing board from one place to another will become a thing of the past. All you need is to determine the ideal place for its mounting. Since it is more of a permanent installation, choosing a good one is important. Replacing one now and then can be time consuming and expensive. That is why you need our list of the top 10 best wall mounted ironing boards. It will help you make a wise decision. Read on!
List of the Top 10 Best Wall Mounted Ironing Boards in 2019 10. Hafele Wall Mounted Ironing Board

The wall mounted Ironing Boards are strong and durable products that deliver high-quality services. Its installation technique is easy and fast. Whether a left-hand or right-hand, the board delivers great Ironing conditions. It is 22.2 by 13.8 by 5.5 inches when it comes to its size. The external surface is heat resistant. The wall mounted Ironing boards can be set up in 7 different styles.

It is suitable for both the left-handed and right-handed people. This product has a half-turn rotation of up to 180°. The iron board saves space on the house. Fast and easy installation.
 When not careful, it may cause accidents. 9. Slide-Away Wall Mounted Ironing Board with Mirror door

The wall mounted Ironing Boards operate under a half-turn rotation of 180°. It features a silicone cover which is heat-resistant. In addition to all that, the safety latch guarantees you total security. With the clear instructions given, installation technique is fast and easy. The Ironing board also has an acrylic modern mirror door. Materials of construction are environmentally friendly and durable.

The half-turn rotation delivers different Ironing angles. Easy to install and setup. Your security when using the board is a guarantee. It features a mirror.
The mirror delivers distort images. However, this is only when you are extra near it. 8. Press-Stow Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Ironing Board

This is a space-saving Ironing board with a high-class performance. The mounting holes are multiple to guarantee a secure installation. After use, the product is foldable to a small size. Its cover is soft and moisture repellent. With a 90° turn on different sides, you easily set your most comfortable position. To prevent any wrong set up, clear instructions are available.

It saves on space maximally. The wall mounted Ironing Boards are easy to set up. Strong and reliable for all your clothes ironing. The board has an easy to fold design which is manageable.
In case of poor setup, the wall mounted Ironing board may fall. 7. Hideway Ironing Board Slim Line Series

These are stable and reliable wall mounted Ironing boards. They have a shaker door for easy installation. Its installation technique is easy and fast. This product perfectly serves in less spacious rooms. The vinyl coating keeps its surface soft but sturdy. Lightweight hence easy to work with.

It is lightweight. Therefore, easing transport and set up. This product features a modern technology which delivers great services. Fast and easy installation.
The mounting holes may be differently sized. However, you will still install it securely. 6. Wall-mounted Ironing Board-Additional Iron Rest-Durable

This is a stylish wall mounted Ironing board rotating up to 90° in different directions. It is space-saving. That is, it is foldable when not in use. The product delivers a safe platform to iron your clothes comfortably. Its platform is soft but sturdy. It comes with an iron holder that holds differently-sized irons.

It is foldable when not in use. Therefore, saving on space. The wall mounted Ironing board is strong and manageable. This product features an iron rest that is used to hold different irons.
It is a bit heavy hence installation may be tricky for some people. 5. Slide-Away Wall Mounted Ironing Board with Double Panel door

This wall mount Ironing board operates under the double panel door. It rotates under a half-turn of 180°. For safe Ironing, the silicone cover guarantees just that. Installation technique is fast and easy. The clear guidelines ensure the perfect setup. It is sturdy and reliable.

This product rotates up to 180° in both directions. Easy and fast set up. The wall mounted Ironing board guarantees total security of your clothes.
The swivel feature easily loosens. Therefore tightening it is a routine. 4. Compact Wall-mounted Ironing Board-Silver Wall Fixing Plate

This is a foldable, easy to install and functional wall mounted Ironing board. The material of construction behind this product is strong and durable. It is an ideal product for less spacious rooms. Due to his wall mountable nature, stability and great performance is a guarantee.

It is stable and reliable. The wall mounted Ironing boards save on space. Installation technique is fast and simple.
Some of the products may have defects. However, a full year guarantee has you covered. 3. Household Essentials 18100-1 StowAway In-Wall Ironing Board

This is an adjustable wall mounted ironing board which is strong and efficient. It swivels 180° left and right. The product saves space. It has a first-class construction technology which is efficient and reliable. Installation of this product is easy and quick. It features a soft and stable Ironing surface that guarantees perfect Ironing service.

High-class construction hence durable and efficient Easy to install. The wall-mounted board rotates to a maximum of 180° on different sides.
Some screws may loosen. However, tightening will make things ok. 2. Wall Mounted Ironing Board-By Superior Essentials

This product is mountable in the high-class reinforced wall. Its installation is fast and easy. These Ironing boards are 37 by 12, and that is enough space to iron your clothes. Different board angles are achievable depending on your taste. A mounting plate may be installed to ease wall mounting the iron board. The material of construction is high-quality steel which is strong and durable.

The material behind its construction is steel which is strong and durable. Easy and fast installation. It can be set up at different angles depending on your taste.
This product is heavy hence transportation is challenging. 1. Wall-Mounted Ironing Boards

This is a long, sturdy and durable iron board which is easily installed on the wall. The construction material is steel with a white coating. During purchase, it comes with an iron board cover. With a 90° rotation on both sides, you can achieve the best Ironing position.

The board rotates under a 90° turn in the right and left hand. Its material is steel hence strong and durable. Easy mount on the wall. This product is long and stable. Therefore, it facilitates comfortable ironing.
It easily breaks under bad storage and transport conditions. Thing to Consider While Buying Wall Mounted Ironing Board
The following is the list of the top points to keep in mind while buying a wall mounted ironing board.
Always get an ironing board that is in a durable construction. Look for the one that lasts longer and offers you value for money. For people who tend to use their ironing boards regularly, then select the one that has sturdy construction. Durability is an important consideration that you must not neglect. Another important thing that you need to consider is stability. Never select the one that wobbles and provides inconvenience when you use it.
Size is an important factor when you think of getting an ironing board. It depends upon your house, and you can get the one that suits your requirements. However, never select the one that is too small so that it does not hold larger clothes. Make sure it has a length of 45 to 52 inches so that it can easily accommodate different sizes of clothes. Also, go for the one that is in a space-saving design and lets you use it a different type of fabric.
If you want to have comfortable ironing, then you need to consider the height of the ironing board. Some of it can come with adjustable height and lets you use it according to your requirements. The height range may vary from 28 to 36 inches, and you can select the appropriate height to eliminate back pain.
Wall-mounted ironing boards will let you have better comfort and let you save space. However, you need to see if it lets you mount it easily anywhere you want. Some will even let you mount it on the wall and have a better advantage. It must have good strength so that you can use it safely. Some can even include cup holders or wire management for user convenience. Never go for the one that comes with complicated installation and make sure if it includes all the necessary hardware.
Some ironing boards can come with cover long with thick padding so that you can easily protect the board. Make sure that it resists burns and lets you use it safely for a long time. Look for the one that lets you clean it hassle-free and have easy maintenance.
Sleeve Attachment:
Some ironing boards can come with sleeve attachment and let you have better convenience. Sleeve attachments can have a width of 7 to 8 inches, and the length is 2 feet. You can even see if it comes with a hanging rack that lets you hang the already ironed clothes. This will let you have better convenience and provides extra support.
You can look for many other features that let you have better convenience while ironing your clothes. Some can come with iron rest so that you can use it safely. This will prevent it from falling when you use the iron and is an important safety consideration. You can even look for a storage organizer or hook for better convenience. In addition to this, you can look for weight so that you can have easy access to your wall-mounted ironing board.
Save yourself the trouble of fatigue as you drag an ironing board all over the place. All you need is one of the items in our top 10 best wall mounted ironing boards in 2019. Once you do, you will save a lot of time. The ugly look will also go away. No more hiding them in garages, behind doors or in closets. It gives you too much to ignore. Therefore, grab one and be wise by considering our options.
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